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Discover the Difference Nature Makes
Never Tested 
on Animals

At Sweet Salve Skin and Hair Care we have very high standards and have chosen to take the less traveled approach to skin and hair care. Sweet Salve is not just about pushing or selling a product, skin and hair care is truly our passion and a labor of love. We achieve these standards by having high ingredient standards. We take additional steps to partner exclusively with ethical vendors who make products that are good for your skin and hair, for animals, for the planet, and for the people that are making and harvesting the ingredients. Our products are handmade without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients.

Traditional skin and hair care products contain a ton of fillers, preservatives, fragrances, and stabilizers. These ingredients can damage your hair follicles and the skin’s microflora which will impair your skin function and have a negative impact on your skin quality and appearance. Sweet Salve’s products avoid all chemicals and use nutrient rich ingredients. In addition, Sweet Salve does NOT use water or any other fillers as an ingredient. Every product we sell contains 100% essential oils, butters and vitamins. All our materials are made domestically and are preservative free, this is important for good skin and hair care. The longer the shelf-life of a product and the farther it traveled, the more additives and preservatives you’ll find in the ingredient list.


It’s important to us that we are not only producing an excellent finished product, but that there’s transparency and integrity along the way so that you can feel good about your purchase and supporting our brand.


Your skin and hair are speaking to you. Listen to what they are telling you about your body. Sometimes there are ways to treat your skin and hair topically, sometimes you need a change in your diet and sometimes you're experiencing the natural effects of aging. We want to empower you to be able to effectively support your skin and hair in a healthy way that's not purely results driven. Listen to what your body is telling you. It's our mission to provide you with truly healthy skin and hair care products that deliver vital nutrients to your skin and hair so that they can operate at their best. We want you to look and feel radiant because your skin and hair are both a reflection of your inner health. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs to be supported well to look well. Message us and we'll put together a skincare routine complete with lifestyle tips based on your unique skincare needs.

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